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Message of solidarity from LALIT   (Mauritius)

Here in LALIT (meaning struggle in Mauritian Kreol) we are very much active on the Diego Garcia-Chagos issue. We are very involved in a coordinating committee regrouping a trade union confederation, 2 neighbourhood associations (active in a region where many Chagossians live), a women’s liberation organisation m. We meet regularly to analise the situation on the Chagos issue and to plan actions against US presence in Mauritius (which we consider as an occupying force). We have organised protests against visits of  US warships, against the US embassy financing of activities or running of leadership training courses for associations as well as pressurising the government to use every regional and international forums to denounce the illegal occupation and colonisation of mauritian territory by the US and UK. 

As you are probably aware the original 50-year illegal lease of Diego Garcia between the British and the US expires in 2016. Negotiations for its renewal are due to start, according to the original lease, this year. It is now generally known that the UK and US are already involved in further devious “manoeuvres”; they are now extracting collusion from those UK-based Chagossians who do not recognize Mauritain sovereignty over the Chagos, while offering them a bribe of settlement and work on the Diego Garcia military base. All this is being done behind the backs of the Mauritian authorities and the entire Mauritian people, including Chagossians.

We in LALIT believe that it is a propitious time for anti-military bases groups, Peace, War resisters  and other progressive forces to expose the US-UK military occupation of Diego Garcia at every regional and international meetings.
We believe in the necessity to internationalise the struggle against the military occupation of Diego Garcia, to end the UK’s illegal dismembering of Mauritian territory, and to end the continued illegal British occupation of its phantom colony BIOT, and to close down the outrageous military base on Diego Garcia, a base that now stocks nuclear materials and services nuclear submarines; and to organize to end the brutally engineered exile of the entire Chagossian people, so that they can return to the Chagos.

We fully support the protest march against Dagger Complex US spy base of Saturday.

We are also presently active on a campaign against the introduction of a new biometric ID card and a centralised database by the government which also forms part of the global surveillance programme monitored by US spy agencies to control all citizens in any country.

The struggle against military bases, colonialism and imperialism continues!

Alain Ah-Vee

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